TrafFix Water Wall Fence
Water Wall Fence

Description: Water-Wall Fence from TrafFix Devices


  • Maximum stability
  • T-pin with hole

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WW Fence Panels4' X 6' Wide
6' Single Gate6' X 6' Wide
12' Dual Gate6' X 12' Wide
Gate Atttachment Frame6' X 12' Wide
T-Pin with Keeper Pin6' Length
Water-Wall (Orange)4' X 32' Tall


Water-Wall Fence that easily retrofits to the TrafFix Water-Wall. Creates an imposing and secure barrier for unwanted entries. The upper end of each T-Pin provides an additional hole for security bolt to secure the fence to the Water-Wall to prevent unwanted entries. There is no need to remove fence to fill TrafFix Water-Wall, fill caps are easily accessible with fence installed. 6' Single or 12' Double Gate provides a secure entrance for workers and vehicles.


Maximum stability

Water-Wall, filled with water will weigh 1,110 lbs.

T-pin with hole

T-pin with hole at upper end allows for a bolt to enhance security.

Accommodates 6' single or 12' double gate

Accomodates 6 ft. or 12 ft. double gate for entrance and exit from work zone

Minimum height of 84"

Overall height of the Water-Wall Fence when attached to top is at least 84 inches tall.

Available in different dimensions

See table for details


Mesh 11 gauge steel
Post Diameter 1 and 5/8th


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