Rollgliss™ RPD Rescue Positioning Device - 3:1 Ratio

Description: 250 ft. (76.2 m) rescue and positioning kit with 3:1 ratio, pulleys, anchor straps, two carabiners and carrying bag.


  • Rescue system with raising, lowering and positioning functions
  • Manually controlled ascent and descent


The Rescue Positioning Device (RPD) is designed to perform as both a work positioning device and as a personnel rescue device. Along with raising and lowering capabilities, the rope in the device can be locked into place so that the user can be positioned in a precise location for work purposes. The simple raising and lowering mechanism makes the RPD ideal for use when rescuing personnel. The device can be used by rescue teams, utilities, window washers or any other application that call for a work positioning device. Unlike many industrial rope access rescue systems, the RPD is easy to operate allowing everybody to use it, no specialized rescue skills are required. The device comes pre-rigged, it can be simply removed from the bag, installed and used quickly and efficiently. The user can raise and/or lower him/herself for self rescue or an attendant can remove the person from immediate danger until professional medical treatment or rescue support has arrived.


Rescue system with raising, lowering and positioning functions

Offers a fast and reliable rescue solution as well as positioning for suspended work activities, requires minimal training for added safety.

Manually controlled ascent and descent

Enables user to raise or lower self and lock-out device at specific work location for ultimate control, productivity and safety.

Integrated lock-out mechansim

Allows user to start and stop their ascent or descent anywhere for added flexibility and control.

250 ft. (76.2 m) 3/8" (9.5 mm) kernmantle rope lifeline

The super static kernmantle rope is lightweight, yet extremely strong and durable and incorporates a snap hook at each end for multiple rescues.

3:1 lifting ratio configuration (4:1 also available)

Reduces the overall weight and effort needed to raise and lower providing added ease of use.

Extremely easy to use pre-rigged system

System is simply attached to anchor and is ready for use, no special training, skills or tools are necessary to operate.

Unique speed sensing braking system

System activates and arrests a fall should the user lose control of the rope/device for added safety and security.

Compact and lightweight design

Provides fast installation and easy operation enabling efficient and effective rescue and positioning activities.

High strength corrosion resistant construction

Aluminum and stainless steel construction will stand up to the elements for an extended service life.

Kit also contains anchor slings, 2 carabiners and carrying bag

We've included several accessories offering expanded operation, safety and versatility.

Equipped with i-Safe™

Integrated RFID identification tag for recording and storing information on inspections and tracking safety equipment.

Other lengths up to 450 ft. (137.2 m) available to suit your specific worksite needs.

Customize to suit your specific jobsite or lengthen to fit greatest height needed, last three digits in part number detail length in feet.


Capacity 1 Person = 350 lbs. (158.8 kg), 2 Person = 500 lbs. (226.8 kg)
Sub Brand Rollgliss™ RPD
Size 250 ft. (76.2 m)
CoWorker Controlled Ascent Yes
CoWorker Controlled Descent Yes
Descent Type Vertical
Number Of Users Two
User Controlled Ascent Yes
User Controlled Descent Yes
iSafe Equipped Yes
Travel Length 250 ft. (76.2 m)
Lifeline 3/8" (9.5 mm) Kernmantle, Braided Polyester Cover with Nylon Filament Core
Label Aluminum
Model 3600250
Physical Dimensions 4.50x1.50x10.00 (in)
Physical Weight 53.20 lbs (24.1kg)
Product Styles Manual Controlled Ascent and Descent
Product Types Suspension/Work Positioning
Standards ANSI Z117.1-1995, OSHA 1910.146, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req.

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