Rollgliss™ Descender - Vertical/Auto Retract

Description: 115 ft. (35 m) low speed automatic descent device for vertical applications, galvanized lifeline, auto retract.


  • Emergency rescue and evacuation from a wide variety of elevated work areas
  • Fully automatic controlled descent for vertical applications


The Rollgliss™ Descent Device will get personnel down safely from high places when quick escape is vital. Either angled or sloped descent models are available to provide complete versatility and flexibility for any job site or work environment. The Rollgliss™ Descent Device is also extremely easy to operate. No power source or special skills or tools are required. Once the unit is secured to an anchorage, connect the snap hook to the D-ring on your safety harness and step off the structure. If using a sloped descent model, connect the emergency descent device with the guide cable sleeve or braking trolley and suspension bars to a user supplied and installed guide cable.


Emergency rescue and evacuation from a wide variety of elevated work areas

Offers a fast and reliable rescue solution that requires minimal training for added safety.

Fully automatic controlled descent for vertical applications

Enables fast, safe and effective descent at 8 ft. (2.4 m) per second (varies depending upon weight of user) with no manipulation required by the user for complete ease of use.

Automatic retraction allows multiple evacuations

For added versatility, the lifeline will automatically retract after extending during a rescue readying itself for another rescue.

115 ft. (35 m) 3/16" (5 mm) galvanized steel cable lifeline

Abrasion resistant and extremely durable lifeline construction provides added field longevity.

Pre-rigged system is extremely simple to use

Requires no specialized training, tools or power source allowing for fast and efficient installation and use.

Corrosion resistant construction for maximum durability

Provides added product longevity, reliability and safety in even the harshest environments.

Use repeatedly without factory service

Unit can be used over and over if it passes user inspection providing a lower overall cost of ownership.

Equipped with i-Safe™

Integrated RFID identification tag for recording and storing information on inspections and tracking safety equipment.

Other lengths and models for sloped applications available

Low and high speed models for both vertical and sloped applications are available up to 200 ft. (61 m) length for complete jobsite versatility.


Capacity 75-310 lbs. (34-141kg)
Sub Brand Rollgliss™ Descender
Size 115 ft. (35 m)
CoWorker Controlled Ascent No
CoWorker Controlled Descent No
Descent Type Vertical
Number Of Users One
User Controlled Ascent No
User Controlled Descent Yes
iSafe Equipped Yes
Travel Length 115 ft. (35 m)
Label Lexan, Polyester
Lifeline 3/16" (5 mm) Galvanized Wire Rope
Model 3303000
Physical Weight 63.20 lbs (28.7kg)
Product Styles Automatic Controlled Descent
Product Types Evacuation/Escape
Standards Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req.

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