Lad-Saf™ X3 Detachable Cable Sleeve - 3/8 in. (9.5 mm)

Description: Sleeve with carabiner, cam and inertial locking, fits 3/8" (9.5 mm) diameter 1x7 or 7x19 solid core cable.


  • Sleeve for Lad-Saf™ fixed ladder safety system
  • For use on 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) 1x7 or 7x19 solid core cable


Lad-Saf™ Ladder Safety System Installation Video - English


The Lad-Saf™ flexible cable system consists of a top and bottom bracket that act as anchors for a steel cable that runs the length of the climbing area. A Lad-Saf™ X3 sleeve connects the worker to the system, automatically follows the user during the climb and locks onto the cable in the event of a fall, allowing the user to regain their footing. Designed for ease of use, economy and versatility, optional brackets/designs are available for bolting or welding the system, choose rung clamp sizes/styles, choose systems for straight or curved ladders and for connection to wood, concrete or steel structures. Hundreds of different brackets, styles and configurations are available to suit almost any application. In addition, the versatile system can be used by up to four workers simultaneously for added jobsite flexibility.


Sleeve for Lad-Saf™ fixed ladder safety system

Provides a portable connection point to a ladder safety system, in the event of a fall it locks onto the cable allowing you to regain your footing and continue to climb.

For use on 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) 1x7 or 7x19 solid core cable

Sleeve specifically designed to accommodates 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) cable for optimum operation and ease of use.

Mobile design follows user for convenient climbing protection

Once attached, the sleeve does not require any further handling by the climber and allows the user to move up and down the entire length of the ladder safety system with ease and confidence.

Easy to install and detach anywhere along lifeline

A simple one-handed attachment and removal offers fast, easy and safe connections at any point along the lifeline for added versatility.

Mechanical and inertial locking system stops falls within inches

Two independent locking systems, a primary cam optimized for 3/8 in. (9.5 mm) cable and secondary inertial type lock within inches in the event of a fall allowing the user to regain their footing and continue to climb.

Built-in energy absorber and fall indicator with swivel

Deploys in the event of a fall, limits fall arrest forces to 1,350 lbs. (6 kN) or less, and visually alerts user device must be taken out of service. Swivel design enhances mobility, performance and ease of use.

Anti-inversion feature prevents incorrect installation

Unique system prevents unintentional installation of the sleeve upside down on the cable lifeline for added safety.

Saflok™ steel carabiner for secure connection to harness

High strength and corrosion resistant zinc plated steel carabiner offers a self closing and locking gate with 11/16 in. (17.5mm) opening for added safety.

Extremely rugged and corrosion resistant construction

Stainless steel construction offers ultimate durability and corrosion resistance in harsh environments for added longevity.

Extremely compact, lightweight design

The sleeve is barely noticeable, easily transported from ladder to ladder and stored for added user satisfaction.

Order top and bottom brackets, cable and guides separately

Configure the system any way you want it, specific to your worksite needs for added flexibility and ease of use.

Integrated RFID tag, equipped with i-Safe™

i-Safe™ identification tag for recording and storing information on inspections.


Capacity 310 lbs. (141 kg)
Sub Brand Lad-Saf™
Velocity Ship Yes
iSafe Equipped Yes
Carabiner/Hook Zinc Plated Steel
Label Polyester, Stamped
Primary Material Stainless Steel
Model 6160054
Physical Dimensions 4.70x1.30x6.00 (in)
Physical Weight 2.10 lbs (1.0kg)
Product Styles Mobile
Product Types Flexible Cable Ladder Safety
Standards ANSI A14.3-1992, Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req.
Install Type Temporary
Number Of Users One
Structure Type Straight Ladder

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