Powered Climb Assist Tower Kit

Description: Powered climb assist tower kit system, includes top and bottom bracket pulleys, tensioning system, wear pad kit, 656 ft. (200m) of 3/16" (5mm) stainless steel wire rope and swage connection.


  • User installed climb assist system for interior fixed ladders
  • Use in conjunction with a ladder safety system such as Lad-Saf™


Powered Climb Assist System Overview

Powered Climb Assist System Video - English


Extremely tall or lengthy structures are often conducive to an assisted system which provides weight relief to reduce worker fatigue and improve climbing longevity. The Powered Climb Assist System from DBI-SALA® is a non-fall arrest rated system specifically designed to provide assistance for those who climb the internal ladders of wind energy towers around the globe. This system will work alongside your existing fall protection system, or add the Lad-Saf™ flexible cable ladder safety system for complete peace of mind, hands-free mobility and protection. The powered climb assist system features a simple plug-n-play portable motor that is adaptive to your climbing style. It can be personalized from 55-120 lbs. (25-55 kg) of lifting relief to suite a wide range of climbing styles and user weights for effortless ascent and descent.


User installed climb assist system for interior fixed ladders

Fast and simple do-it-yourself installation to most fixed ladders with top and bottom pulleys, bolts and standard tools reducing overall costs.

Use in conjunction with a ladder safety system such as Lad-Saf™

Designed for climb assist only, the system can be installed right along side of an existing ladder safety system or used with the Lad-Saf™ system for added jobsite flexibility.

Adaptive motor adjusts to conditions and climbing speed of user

Unique system reacts to the way you are climbing for complete ease of use and added productivity.

Personalized system adjustment of 55-120 lbs. (25-55 kg)

Provides effortless ascent and descent for a wide range of climbing styles and user weights.

Allows for multiple mounting configurations

Installs to either side of the ladder to accommodate areas with space constraints.

Plug-n-play portable motor control unit - order 6160051 separately

Enables simple installation to cable tensioning unit, just plug unit into the power outlet and your're ready to climb - use the same motor for multiple sites.

Accommodates power supply range of 110 Vac-240 Vac - order 9506929 power cord separately

Can be used anywhere in the world, offering a single globally compliant system for complete ease of use and single source efficiency.

Top and bottom bracket pulley assemblies route lifeline

High strength, abrasive resistant pulleys designed to allow cable lifeline to travel the length of the ladder and provide long-term use.

656 ft. (200m) of 3/16" (5mm) galvanized steel wire rope lifeline

Abrasion resistant and extremely durable galvanized lifeline construction provides added field longevity.

High strength stainless steel lifeline swage connection

Corrosion resistant and durable device is used to crimp onto the 3/16" (5mm) lifeline ends to form a continuous loop.

Lifeline tensioning system with visual indicator

Unique, simple and safe device allows user to tension the system with a knob and standard wrench, a visual red/green indicator details when the system is properly tensioned.

Wear pad kit with two attachment options

Offer protection against lifeline abrasion and can be attached to structure with built-in adhesive or with stainless steel screws, drill bit and tap that are also provided.

Order portable motor, power cord, harness, lanyard with cable grip separately

Configure the system any way you want it, specific to your worksite needs for added flexibility and ease of use.


Capacity 310 lbs. (141 kg)
Size 656 ft. (200 m)
iSafe Equipped No
Length 656 ft. (200 m)
Label Polyester
Model 6160039
Product Styles Assisted
Product Types Flexible Cable
Standards Capital Safety Gen. Mfg. Req.
Attachment Type Bolt and Clamp-On
Install Type Permanent
Number Of Users One
Structure Type Straight Ladder

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